Our Story

Terri Jacob Hayes started her style career working in the first ever award-winning salon in Naperville.  Her boss, and mentor, truly felt strongly that the basis for a successful salon business hinged on continuing education.

Her next major milestone was being offered a job to manage a salon full-time, with her original mentor training and encouraging her to go out on her own to build her own salon, Terri jumped at this management opportunity to grow into her career.

“I’ve never looked back and questioned because when you truly love what you do, the rest follows.”

Terri continues that same core belief of improving and honing her skills to this day through consistent continuing education and training techniques. Her quest has achieved Artistic Creations Salon with the honored Redken Mastery Certification.

Terri is also certified in the Redken and Pureology specialist program. She regularly attends two to three continuing education symposiums per year and encourages her styling staff to attend with her, passing on the mentoring that served her so well.

She has also competed in international and national haircutting competitions for men and women throughout the last 17 years. Terri has been honored with invitations to judge several of these competitions, proving her will to achieve a mastery of her talents.

It is rare to find such talent outside New York’s style district, but Terri is committed to her community and to bringing her talents to those that live outside “the runway”.