Let us help you to find your style…

It’s easy for a salon to make your hairstyle look perfect when you’re in the chair. What about when you get home?

Artistic Creations Salon believes every client should have the ability to look his or her best every day. The first step is a great cut. We specialize in the latest hair shaping, multidimensional highlighting, balayage freehand hairpainting, “one-of-a-kind” evening and runway styles and personalized hair colors.

Once you look fantastic, we go the extra step and teach you exactly how to capture your new look every day. That’s why we recommend the tips, tools and products that can help you duplicate and maintain your hairstyle. And you are always welcome to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Discover how our award-winning artistry can help you find – and maintain – your own personal style.

Thanks to our partners at Redken, we never stop learning; we never stop innovating to find the style that works for you, for any occasion, especially every day.